Download GPF Annual Account Statement slips of AP State Govt Employees for every financial year

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GPF Annual Account Statement for Financial year :
The Principal Accountant General (A&E) maintains the individual GPF accounts. The Interest for amount are rated as prescribed from time to time by Government of AP is credited to the subscribers account on the last day of every financial year with an interest of 8%. The Principal Accountant General sends to each subscriber an Annual Accounts Statement showing the opening balance as on the 1st April of the every year, the total amount deposited and withdrawn during the year, amount of interest credited as on 31st March of the year and the closing balance on that date. Subscribers have to satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the Account Statements and errors should be brought to the notice of the Principal Accountant General within three months of receipt of the same. The GPF slips for the every financial year are available in the website at with required details like GPF Annual Account Statement for year, Department Series, GPF.Account No and finally with 10 digit Mobile number. Download Here


Anonymous said...

i want department series code for revenue department for GPF annual account slips

Anonymous said...

thank u able to download last two years slips

Anonymous said...

Hi could u please tell me the department serious for revenur department for gpf annual account slips

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